The magnificent of the unsual

The recent weeks at home have been, for many of us, a must-break in the routine we wore day after day. Some have been more resistant to change and have looked for ways to keep their usual chores unaltered. Although staying the same is certainly impossible.

For others, it has been a challenging and at the same time interesting experience, perhaps uncomfortable due to the uncertainty of what is to come and for losing control over the plans that were foreseen; but surely, of great learning.

For all who have chosen to find opportunities, rather than obstacles and limitations and together with them, several excuses for not moving forward; a build of positive things has appeared to be emphasized.

The first gain has been breaking habits and routines to put aside the «autopilot». To devise and explore other ways to solve any matter, however small and insignificant it may seem, is to use new neural grooves and provoke more connections in the brain, activate hormones, stimulate senses and oxygenate the mind; just to name a few benefits.

Some other things to highlight:

  • We have approached family and friends with whom we did not have frequent conversations, either because the old routine that consumed our time in other things was left behind or because we felt the need to be in greater contact with them.
  •  Creativity and recursion are at a top level. From the improvised variation of cooking recipes due to the lack of a certain ingredient that we cannot get quickly and easily, to a “video party” with friends on a Friday night. Many of us notice how creative thinking, imagination and innovation have been accentuated by this time. Surely, something weird you’ve made up these days and the best, you’ve made it happen.
  • We value the care, balance and well-being of the body, emotions and mind. We are more aware of what we do, feel and think, because we are more attuned to the present. We notice more easily that something is not right and that we want to act and solve it quickly.  For example, losing good nutrition habits, reduce physical activity, suffer from insomnia or get hooked on personal or work conflicts, is recognized faster than before, and we act more quickly to remedy it.

Although we are not deprived of freedom, because it is only a temporary stage, we feel deep desires to be outdoors, in contact with nature, hearing the environment, feeling the heat of the sun and the rubbing of the wind on our skin. We now miss face-to-face conversations, nonverbal language and even the crowd.

Even cravings have become daily bread and we’ve even learned to handle the frustration of not achieving what we want immediately, as occurred few days before.

In short, it is clear that, through the senses, human beings find the balance between the emotional and the rational; there is no need to turn off one side or the other, both are fundamental to achieving well-being and it is time to value this space to recognize ourselves, reconnect with ourselves and thank for who we are and have.


Maria Valero


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